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Tips For Feeding Your Potentially Award-Winning Steer For The Fair

If you are involved with 4-H and have decided to raise a potentially award-winning steer for the fair next year, then these feed tips will help you achieve this goal.

Feed Tip: Provide Well-Balanced Cattle Feed for Your Steer

Your steer needs a well-balanced diet if you want to win the blue ribbon at the fair and fetch a high price for the beef. When choosing your steer's feed, make sure you select a feed program that combines the three necessary things every steer needs for good health, including:

Feed Tip: Consider Raising Your Fair Steer with Another Steer or Cow

While you may not realize it, cattle are social animals. For this reason, if you put only one steer in your field and feed it alone, then it will not thrive as well as it would if it had at least one other steer or cow to keep it company and share meals with. If possible, raise two steers together or keep your animal in a field with other cattle until you are ready to finish it off with a grain regimen. 

Feed Tip: Put Your Steer on a Feeding Schedule and Make Sure You Stick to It

Cattle need to be fed twice each day and on a set schedule in order to gain the proper amount of weight for the fair season. If they are not fed on a schedule, then they do not learn to eat as well or as much feed as is required to produce award-winning beef cattle. For this reason, you need to set a feed schedule as soon as you get your calf, and then make sure you stick to the schedule as tightly as possible. While a few minutes here or there won't matter, you should always try to feed within a half-hour of the scheduled time.

Feed Tip: Provide Ample Clean Water at All Times for Your Steer

Finally, while what and when you feed your steer is vital for its growth and health, providing an abundant source of clean water is essential for producing an award-winning animal. Cattle that are under-watered do not have the same feeding urges as those with ample water supplies, and this will affect both the overall health and growth rate of your steer. Water should always be clear enough you can see the bottom of its trough, and it should be available 24/7 for your steer.

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